What is Materials Intelligence®?

Materials Intelligence is a suite of specialist materials & services that help our clients achieve concept to commercialisation or simply product improvement.

Materials-Intelligence-By-Grogan-Group-2 Understanding
Detailed Understanding of industry, manufacturing processes, specification/standards and test methods

Extensive knowledge & network of Global innovative materials & technologies


Detailed understanding of Products - Technical and Performance


Expert converting advice, production and assembly


Discover Materials Intelligence® In your Industry...

Comprehensive Guide to Materials Intelligence

With the ever-evolving nature of materials science, materials advice is becoming increasingly important to a range of sectors. This guide provides an overview of the latest research and development insights into materials science, success stories, use cases and more that can help you better understand the impact materials intelligence can have on your business.

Case Studies of Successful Implementations of Materials Consultants

Many companies have successfully adopted materials consultants programs. By reading their stories, you can discover how these companies overcame challenges and found success. From how they chose a data source to the impact materials intelligence had on their processes, learning from these detailed case studies can help inform your decisions when developing and implementing your own materials intelligence program.

What is Materials Intelligence?

Materials advice is a way of using advanced materials to obtain valuable insights and information. It is a method for understanding how different materials interact with one another, providing better, more efficient solutions for product design and production. By leveraging machine learning algorithms to analyze data from different materials, companies can gain a deeper understanding of the performance characteristics of their products.

What Benefits Does Materials Intelligence Offer?

Materials advice offers numerous benefits to companies. It enables them to make smarter decisions about their design, production, and research processes. With this data-driven approach, they can identify the most efficient designs and materials while also reducing costs associated with unused or faulty materials. Additionally, materials intelligence makes it easier for companies to improve product performance and safety by better understanding material properties and predicting