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At the helm of our industrial offering is what we call Materials Intelligence®. During decades of providing manufacturers with specialty materials, we have acquired vast cross-industry knowledge about materials, industry standards, and converting techniques. 

This is backed up with a global network of material manufacturing partners who align with our focus on innovative high-performance materials and a technical methodology to address application challenges. 

We follow a consultative approach to assist clients with the development of their solutions which includes CAD & CNC capabilities with prototyping for validation and testing. Converting, assembly, warehousing, kitting, and delivery of small or large multi-year projects completes our offering.

We have built a website specifically for our industrial audience. If you would like more information on our industrial services or to discover how we are innovating your industry click the link below.

We Work Across These industries...

Our Solutions Include:
Our Services Include:

Mason Grogan supplies leading technical materials and composites for:

  • Rail
  • Bus and Coach
  • Automotive
  • Marine
  • Aerospace

Our extensive experience with manufacturers and tier suppliers within these markets enables us to provide tailored solutions which address challenges in sealing, insulation, vibration & acoustics, seating, flooring, thermal management as well as graffiti & fire protection.

We help our customers select fit for purpose materials and we offer a diverse range of converting techniques to supply ready to install parts. Our knowledge and products assist in the protection of people and assets, improve passenger and operator performance,  improve through life costs.




Portable Electronics

As portable devices become smaller, lighter and more compact new design challenges emerge for the protection of the enclosed sensitive electronics. Our portfolio of specialty materials protect displays from impact, provide seals against the ingress of dust, water and other contaminants for the life of the product, manage vibration to control noise that might be generated or reduce damage to delicate components and provide thermal management. Choice of the right material is critical and we have the technical expertise to guide our customers in selection to support design intent.

Renewable energy

Technologies for renewable sources of energy and emission reduction are evolving rapidly. Our specially engineered materials are used extensively as battery pad solutions in electric and hybrid cars to seal, cushion and isolate vibration as well as providing seals in charging stations. Enclosure and junction boxes for PV solar panels, wind turbines and their energy storage systems also utilise our technical foams for reliable long life sealing in environmental extremes. High performance films for solar panels and specialty membranes used in the production of panels complete this offering.


Our mission is to advance design, development and enhance end product performance by providing Materials Intelligence® and specialist materials for design engineers. Our expertise and extensive global knowledge of innovative materials and technologies assists manufacturers, engineers and designers of products for defence to meet their design, manufacturing and product performance challenges.

We are specialists in elastomeric, textile and non woven materials & adhesive film solutions for personnel and equipment protection, load bearing equipment, vehicle comfort and safety and footwear performance. 


Mining and heavy equipment:

Mason Grogan offers solutions for a wide range of applications for the challenging mining environment. Our technical materials address vibration control, heat and sound management and prevention of dust, contaminant and water ingress. Reliability and longevity in performance is challenging in these environments where intense UV and temperature extremes prevail and our specialist materials offer outstanding performance under these conditions.

Industrial Design

Mason Grogan Industrial has built up an exhaustive resource library of technical materials, foams, textiles, plastics and adhesives to provide industrial designers with a central local source of materials, knowledge and samples to help them meet their design challenges. Our specialist Technical Sales team offers expertise to guide Industrial Designers through the proliferation of material options available and to develop tailored fit for purpose solutions. Our precision converting and prototyping capabilities enable quick validation of design as well as local manufacturing.


Medical Devices

As technology revolutionises the healthcare industry new design and performance challenges arise for Medical devices.

Portable and wearable devices are becoming thinner, lighter and require reliable protection from water and particulate ingress, vibration and shock. Our engineered foams address these challenges and we are able to convert them into components using precision CNC cutting technologies. We have solutions which quieten healthcare equipment and our venting membranes enhance heat and air ventilation while protecting sophisticated electronics within enclosures.


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We have built a website just specifically for our industrial audience.
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